Resources for mindfulness and mental health

Ventura County has a free and confidential crisis text line for anyone feeling anxious and in need of someone to talk to. Text SIGNS to 741741

Peter Deadman is one of the more famous teachers of Chinese Medicine and has several books on the subject. He also has a YouTube channel showing QiGong movement exercises for health and vitality.

Headspace is a company that has a very popular meditation platform available. Many of the resources on their app are free while others are available by subscription. Currently they are also offering some free resources for everyone.

UCLA has their own mindfulness app that is completely free. It is called the UCLA Mindful App and is available on both Apple and Android.

Tricycle is a nonprofit organization that focuses on making Buddhist teachings available via their website, podcast, and magazine. They have a lot of resources for mindfulness and meditation including free sessions with some of their most popular meditation teachers like Pema Chodron and Tara Brach.

University of Arizona Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine has a whole page focused on integrative approaches to COVID-19. They have a free video series on enhancing wellness during Coronavirus and also have a podcast. More information about the series, as well as other resources, free online course, and a COVID-19 FAQ can be found on the Center’s COVID-19 Resources page.
You can also go directly to the series on YouTube or find it on Apple Podcasts.

The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley has several great resources. I would like to highlight two specific ones:

The Institute of Heartmath has numerous videos and eBooks on the power of the heart and brain function. Their resources have been used by many organizations including NASA, Keiser Permanente, and the Stanford School of Medicine. Institute of Heartmath is currently offering their “Heartmath Experience” online video program for free. The tools it provides can especially help people find balance and clarity through the current challenging times.